you may ask yourself, well, how did i get here?

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managed to score the best sdcc bag of all. :D

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now this is a social media team that understands…

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If you actually like Steve Rogers and you are looking at Comixology’s 4th of July sales FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not buy ANYTHING written by Rick Remender. He is pissing all over Steve’s character (and Sam Wilson’s, now) and his books are senselessly violent, misogynistic, horrifying BULLSHIT. Seriously, I would recommend ULTIMATES Cap before I recommended Remender’s fuckwittery to ANYONE with a soul & a genuine love for Steve & everything he stands for.



Introducing XKit for iPhone

Well it took a few months, but it’s here: XKit for iOS is now available on the App Store. It comes with Blacklist, PostBlock, Mute, One-Click Reply, Disable GIFs, No Recommended Posts and much more.

I also wrote a transparency letter about it, if you are interested. (highly recommended as it discusses some missing features and the future of the app.)

Learn more at

xkit for iphone omg omg omg i can safely tumblrs at work now hey hmasfatty i think this is totally relevant to ur interests!!!

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golden bumble bee bobby pins

hey najalater @soufex